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Fortnite’s Dark Phoenix skin is the latest installment in Marvel’s ongoing series. This Marvel series regularly brings together the greats of comics, gaming and video games. Fortnite’s surprise release sees Dark Phoenix, an X-Men superhero, arrive in Fortnite. Marvel skins are usually launched as part of cross-promotions, but sometimes it’s Fortnite just being fortnite skin bundle .

Fortnite Dark Phoenix Skin

You don’t need to wait to get Jean Grey and her entire cosmetic set in Fortnite. The following cosmetics are included in the Dark Phoenix set:

  • Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey) skin
  • Phoenix Force back bling
  • Rising Phoenix emote
  • Wrath of the Phoenix loading page

The loading screen and back bling are sold together with the character’s skin. The remote can be purchased separately. The Dark Phoenix version is not based on the surface as depicted in the X-Men movie series.

Epic and Marvel teamed up to create a new hero, based partly on her comic book appearance but unique to Fortnite. It is much like Thor, Iron Man and other heroes before her. Sometimes, though, Marvel skins can mimic Hollywood looks. Just ask Eddie Brock.

This latest crossover will be a hit with comic book readers. Still, it pales compared to the excitement surrounding Fortnite Naruto skin next week, which Epic has confirmed will arrive on November 16.

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