Your Guide to Wrinkle creams: How to pick the one that works for your skin?

Are wrinkle reducers and creams actually effective in reducing the fine lines of aging or it’s just a marketing hoax to trap the customers? Well, the answer to this question is dependent on many factors.

Wrinkle cream and lotions available in the market and online claim to reduce aging lines and also help to protect damage that happens due to sun exposure. They work or not largely depend on their composition and ingredients that they are made of. Since most of the wrinkles reducing creams are not considered to be drugs, they do not require scientific analysis to determine the extent to which they are effective.


wrinkle reducer


If you are somewhat expecting a total facelift with these cream bottles, you will be disappointed as the effect of these creams is only modest. Make sure to keep certain points in mind before going in for a wrinkle cream purchase to avoid ending up regret later.

  • Cost

This has no association with the effectiveness of the product. Brand products are sold at a higher price because of their image, this does not guarantee that they will work optimal than a product that cost less or does not belong to a popular brand.

  • Ingredient Multiplicity

There are absolutely no studies to prove the fact that higher frequency of ingredients means better performance.

  • Daily use

Most of wrinkle reducing products are labeled for daily use. However, we recommend using it only once twice a day or so as most likely your skin will revert back to its original state once you withdraw from use.

  • Side Effects and Consequences

It is important to do a patch test before picking on a wrinkle cream. Depending upon your skin sensitivity, some products might not suit or can create complications like skin rashes, itching, decolourisation etc.


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